Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Good which I have no answer but to say....BUSY !!! I feel like I never have the chance to sit down for one second but today I am. We have been working like crazy for the Log Cabin Christmas show in East Berlin Pa. We dropped everything off to Jane and Connie (my two favorite ladies) and all I have down is sit in my chair and cruise the internet all afternoon. I'm in heaven!!!!
I am a horrible Blogger.....I mean well but I just don't ever get around to doing it. I love to read blogs but I have such a hard time writing them.
But we have been creating...
This new fence is one of our new holiday items.
And this great new Santa
Everything else is up in the Log Cabin and of course I didn't take pictures before I will have those items up for sale later this week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Caught Up

I am using this day to get caught up on things....I need to do that every now and then or I go crazy. And one of my things to get caught up on is this Blog I am desperately trying to get the hang of. It's probably just me but technology is draining. Sometimes I sit at this computer and I know what I want things to look like but I just have no clue on how to "Get there".
But enough about my lack of technology skills and on to something fun......Charleston, South Carolina. Just about on of the neatest cities I have ever been to. It helped that the weather was perfect and within walking distance or a short trolley ride (which was free). My husband had to go there for work and when he told me I said "take me with you!!!"....and he did!!!! He was in meetings most of the day but I got to pal around with one of the nicest ladies who's husband works with mine. Luckily the guys got out early on the last day and we gave them a quick tour of the historic district. All I can say is AMAZING!!!!
This is just one of hundreds of pictures I took while I was there. This city is full of history, art galleries and amazing restaurants. I can't wait to get back down there with my kids.
The other cool thing I have done lately is travel to Fishersville, Va. to take part in the Winter in the Valley antique and folk art show. It was FANTASTIC as always. The antiques are second to none and the vendors are just so cool. I love visiting with them and catching up.
Here's a picture of our little booth. We did great and I loved saying hi to all my repeat customers as well as meeting new ones. And the people that have seen me on the THAT is cool.
Well...I could go on and on but unfortunately I am back on the road....more errands and kids to pick up. Take care and have a glorious day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying to get healthy

Just when I decide to start a Blog, I come down with a nasty cold. I tried like heck to avoid the nastiness running through my family but it caught me anyway. The last few days I have been putting all my Christmas decorations away and moving things from here to there. One piece I won't move is this lovely dry sink....
I love that it's by my dinning room window because the sun shines on it in the afternoon. More pictures to come as I get things together....Have a wonderful day ~Kathy~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

Well...I'd like to say "New Year, New Me" but that's not true....How about "New Year, improved me". I have determined that this is the year that I truly dedicate myself to maintaining a Blog. I absolutely love going to peoples blogs and seeing what they are up to. I like to think of it as my generations facebook. As my 16 year old tells me "I'm going creeping". Creeping around to see what everyone is up to. Just hang with me while I figure out what I'm doing and hopefully I'll have some "creep worthy" posts for you.